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The Castle, Castle Street, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. NP7 5EE 
Tel: 01873 854282    abergavennymuseum@monmouthshire.gov.uk

See the Floodlighting page to sponsor a week of floodlighting at the Castle.

Opening Times
Open every day except Wednesday from 11am-4pm

The Museum is in the grounds of the Castle where you can explore the ruins and read the information panels or have a picnic. Entry is free, except for some special events. There is a small shop with a good selection of books and gifts. Explorer packs are available for children and the ice creams are wonderful!

Exhibitions are changed regularly and benefit from a "listening post" and a screen to show exhibition related images, both funded by the Society. The Museum's floodlighting is provided by the Society - see the Floodlighting page.

There are picnic tables scattered around the Castle grounds, some near the new willow structures, so provide the perfect place for a picnic. You can also buy coffee and tea from the Museum.

Friends of Abergavenny Museum committee saved the crumbling Regency 'Castle House' on the site of the Norman keep from demolition. They raised funds to create the first Abergavenny Museum in 1959. The committee went on to found the Abergavenny Local History Society.

The museum was handed over to the Abergavenny Council in 1971 - commemorated in the Jackson plaque alongside the path leading to the museum. The chairman of the committee was Alfred Jackson while his brother Ernest, was the secretary. Duggan Thacker was the skilled curator of the museum.

On display are remains excavated from the area and items donated by local benefactors, illustrating many different eras. Recreations of a Victorian Welsh farmhouse kitchen, a saddler's workshop and Basil Jones's grocery shop remind people of the more recent past. A spooky air raid shelter enables children to re-create some of the atmosphere of the Second World war. Other activities for children are available and have recently been improved with grant aid including one from the Abergavenny Local History Society. Exploration kits for the Castle grounds are available from reception for families.

Current and Imminent Events 

Some activities for children at the Museum

  • Get involved with our archaeology activity station in the Keep Gallery.  This sits alongside our new archaeology displays  and includes Roman and Tudor games, jigsaw puzzles, storytelling,  crafts, word searches, recipes to take-away, object handling and puppets.
  • Dress up as a Roman, a Tudor or a Victorian.
  • Experience what it would have been like in an air raid shelter, find out about World War II
  • Explore life in the Victorian Farmhouse Kitchen – find out about mystery items, look closer at replica objects, try on costume.
  • Listen to people talking about Basil Jones Shop
  • Explore the castle grounds with our backpacks (you will be asked to leave your credit card. car key, mobile phone as a deposit)
  • Look more closely at our Natural History, discover wildlife, fill in our colouring sheets, get a booklet about the wildlife in the Castle, follow the dragon trail.


Events and Exhibitions

Currently showing at the Museum:

The Great War: Britain’s Efforts and Ideals

“The Great War: Britain's Efforts and Ideals” a striking set of prints, being shown now in exhibitions at Abergavenny and Chepstow Museums in Monmouthshire, was commissioned by the British Government in 1917 as propaganda. After three years of hard fighting and unprecedented loss of life, the images were intended to encourage a war-weary public and raise support for the war effort. They show modern political propaganda in its early stages.
and see the new diplays in the Keep Gallery - Lady Llanover, Father Ignatius and Whisky the Turnspit Dog


Courses running at the Museum: Art History, Portraiture, Astronomy.

Whisky is now home after conservation.

Who is Whiskey? Did you see him on television? Find out in the Museum.

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