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Abergavenny Castle and Keep are floodlit from the beginning of September to the end of May by a scheme installed, maintained and financed by the Abergavenny Local History Society. 
The Castle is floodlit between 7.30pm. and 11pm. The floodlights are below the South West tower and the Museum and so the full effect is best seen from the Castle Meadows, or from the Heads of the Valleys road as it bypasses the town. You can see the tower from the corner of the Castle Street car park, just behind the Angel Hotel. Please note that some of the lights are temporarily out of order.
You are invited to sponsor the floodlighting for a chosen week at a cost of £10 for the week. You can sponsor the floodlighting to celebrate an event such as an anniversary, the birth of a child, an examination success, or in memory of someone.
A Commemorative Certificate will be sent to you or directly to the recipient just before the chosen week. Your message can, if you choose, be shown on the 'Notices' Powerpoint at the start of the month's lecture and/or on this page.

If you would like to sponsor a week of floodlighting please contact us. You will find the Floodlighting Secretary in the foyer of the Borough Theatre before the start of our monthly lectures, or you can email us at alhs@live.co.uk.
We will need your name, address, and telephone number or email address, plus the name of the recipient together with any message, for example 'David Roberts, on his fiftieth birthday' together with the date required. (The week sponsored starts from a Sunday) The cost is £10 for one week. Cheques to be made payable to 'Abergavenny Local History Society'. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

January sponsorships include :-

Sponsor                           Week                                      Message

Ann Davies                     13th - 19th January

Abergavenny Local History Society 
          Charity Number 1098582              

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